photo_set1Ife is a small agricultural village in Eastern Nigeria with a population of less than 10,000 with no access to health-care.

During a visit to Nigeria, Dr. Innocent Odocha, a physician in Gainesville, Florida, saw for himself the needs of this village when his sister was involved in a motor vehicle accident and did not have access to adequate health-care.  He was shocked and saddened by the undignified standard of living, the devastating condition of the country's medical system and the neglected educational system.  After his visit in 2010, Ife Mission, a non-profit organization was formed by Dr. Odocha to help attend to those fundamental needs.  

Ife Mission works to improve the lives of individuals living in Ife.  Dr. Odocha’s belief is that with education and basic health-care, the community can be empowered to become a self-sustaining village.  There will be a new medical clinic created by renovating an existing building to accommodate medical needs. Dr. Odocha will provide the village with immunizations, basic health care and nutrition education.  

The Vision is to have Ife become a self-sustainable, progressive community using the locally available natural resources, while improving overall health and education of the people.  By having greater health and empowered by knowledge, the children will be inspired to give back to their community.

The mission adopts the principles of the Bamako Initiatives:  

  • Improving primary health-care services for all
  • Decentralizing the management of primary health services to the community level   
  • Decentralizing the management of locally collected patient fees to community level
  • Ensuring consistent fees are charged at all levels for health services  
  • Obtain commitment from governments to maintain and, if possible, expand primary health-care services
  • Ensure the availability of essential drugs
  • Ensuring the poorest have access to primary health care  
  • Monitoring clear objectives for curative health services  and also to provide adult vocational training and childhood education.

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